Good Food

Books bring us one kind of information, films bring us another. Reading takes time; books have a weighty and historical feel. Films immerse us in story, capturing faces and voices and movement, making an immediate connection. Many people have started down the local food path after watching Food, Inc. It’s an important film, the kind that makes you want to get out and do something about the industrial system. Good Food is about the people who are doing something. The film documents the emerging regional food system in the Pacific Northwest. Sustainable Cinema at the Historic Orchard Theater screened the film last Sunday night, sponsored by Kitsap County Commissioner Charlotte Garrido. Fifteen of us showed up to watch the 73 minute film. The filmmakers ranged from the Oregon high desert to northern Washington, interviewing ranchers, dairy farmers, vegetable growers, orchardists, produce buyers in stores, and a distributor. Alex and I … Continue reading

Food, Inc.

Last year the local co-op group (still founding, no co-op yet) passed out postcards at county farmer’s markets for months. The postcard let us know about a special showing of Food, Inc. at the Port Orchard theater. Part of our ticket price would end up back with the co-op. On the day we went, a sunny weekend, we were nearly the only people in the theater. Things I’d been reading about jumped off the screen. There was Joel Palatin of Polyface Farms, the poster boy for diversified small farming. There were interviews with famous writers. There were shots of the poor cows in CAFOs. By the time I saw the movie I was pretty well educated, and I don’t know that I learned anything from it that I hadn’t heard, but the screen put faces and voices to the issues. There’s one moment I flash on whenver I enter a … Continue reading