April – May 2014: shopping list and menus

Here is what we bought and what we made from it in the first month of farmers market season. We started shopping at the Poulsbo Farmers Market and switched to Bremerton when it opened. What we bought Greens: salad bowl (lettuce growing in a planter), kale Vegetables: broccoli raab, green onions Roots: last year’s potatoes, new potatoes, carrots, parsnips Fruits: last year’s apples, new rhubarb Meat: Roast beef, steaks, pork roast. Flour: wheat, spelt, triticale. Crumpets from London Maid. Delivered to the door Milk, chicken Pantry Rice, pasta, oatmeal Homegrown Kale, cilantro, herbs, eggs What we made Breakfast: Oatmeal Eggs and crumpets Dinner: Roast, baker, salad Pork chops with rhubarb compote, mashed potatoes, salad Steamed rice, vegetables Baked chicken, mashed potatoes, salad Chicken biryani Beef stew with root vegetables, bread Chicken soup with root vegetables (uses up leftover mashed potatoes) Pantry meal: tuna and pasta Fried rice: uses up all … Continue reading

Summer Menus

Brunch In summer we eat breakfast at lunchtime and dinner after the sun goes down. Scrambled eggs and crumpets or buttercrust toast Oatmeal with milk and honey Soup of the fresh-veggies-plus-can-of-beans variety with toasted cheese sandwiches Dinner I’m growing the salad greens, snap peas and strawberries. I make some of the ice cream and bread. Grilled hamburger, homemade buns, salad, stuffed eggs Spaghetti with meat sauce, salad Wisconsin chili, cornbread, salad Spanish potato omelet with steamed snap peas Roasted chicken with fresh bread and salad Ice cream with strawberries Farms and food producers contributing to these dinners Blackjack Valley Farm: ground beef, milk, eggs Clark Farm: ground beef Pheasant Fields Farm: chicken, veggies Abundantly Green: chicken, veggies Stedman’s Honey: honey London Maid: crumpets Morningside Bakery: bread Where to get these foods Bremerton Farmers Market Fresh Local For Clark meats you may need to go to the Poulsbo Farmer’s Market. Links: … Continue reading


Breakfast: Apple juice – a gallon of Sunny Farms Sequim apple juice lasted a couple of weeks Eggs (scrambled or over hard) with toast (mine, Sluys’, or Dave’s Killer) and homemade jam or apple butter Oatmeal with sugar, butter, milk, cinnamon Lunch: Grilled cheese sandwich – usually Tillamook cheddar and whatever bread is in the breadbox Soup – squash, pork stew, lentil, minnestrone Dinner: Lasagne – Alex made ricotta from Karen’s milk, I made a meat sauce with italian sausage and tomato sauce Ted’s mom’s spaghetti (her recipe, Ted makes it) Risotto Must be winter, pasta has become our go-to dinner. … Continue reading


Breakfast: I’m back to eating breakfast again, thanks to the re-introduction of rolled oats to my diet, and Alex’s breakfast making! Oatmeal with sugar and milk Lunch: London Maid crumpets and soup. Dinner: Chicken and rice casserole, brussels sprouts Pork loin, mashed potatoes, veloute sauce, apple celeriac slaw Dessert: I brought out a bag of frozen strawberries and have been having them on everything. Rice pudding with strawberries Vanilla ice cream with strawberries … Continue reading