Pork, squash and potatoes feature heavily in the current rotation. Breakfast: I’m back to not eating breakfast. I have a glass of juice in the morning. Since the Organic Valley orange juice producer stopped having product (they’ll be back in March) I’ve switched to Washington state apple juice. Lunch: Soup – pork sausage and potato, squash soup, New Year bean soup, lentils with ham. Cinnamon bread from Sluys. Fried egg. Dinner: Pork chops, mashed potatoes, and squash cornbread. Roast chicken (yay! a chicken!), roast root vegetables, arugala salad. Fried rice with chicken and ham. Treats: Lots of leftover holiday treats. Fruitcake cookies. Eggnog cake. (Swap in eggnog for milk in a yellow cake recipe and in the frosting.) Lemon bars. Pumpkin bread with apple-pear butter. … Continue reading

A simple local holiday meal

By holiday here I mostly mean the semi-secular American Thanksgiving and Christmas. Other cultural and religious celebrations at this time of year come with their own food traditions (which I would love to learn!) If you’ve been making holiday dinners for your family for years, turning out oyster stuffing and decorating your pumpkin pies, this post is not for you. I’m talking to the people whose turkey dinner normally comes on a plastic tray heated in the microwave. If you have inherited The Meal, or you just want to make it yourself, it can be daunting to take on. So many dishes, so much expectation! And on top of everything else we’re supposed to make it local and healthy? Here are some ideas to cut that massive project down to size. First, the local healthy thing works in your favor. The great thing about local fresh foods is that they … Continue reading

This week in food

Root vegetable mash: I tried a mixed mash with celeriac and parsnips. The Colinwood Farm guy sold me golden turnips to go with those but at the last minute I chickened out and used potatoes instead. The celeriac gave the mash a nice tartness, the parsnips made it very sweet. I followed Alice Waters’ advice and boiled all three vegetables separately, but that was a lot of time and effort. I think in the future I’ll do them all together, the times for each to get soft were close enough. Fennel apple slaw: I like the sweet crunch of these together. With a little mayonnaise and red wine vinegar this salad is tart enough to stand up to a rich meal. French onion soup: my first attempt at the soup I loved so much at Mor Mor’s Beaujolais Nouveau dinner. I sauteed the onions for about an hour before adding … Continue reading

This week in food

Dinners: bratwurst with sweet red cabbage and potatoes; Tuna Dan salmon with baked potato, steamed cauliflower, herb butter, and salad; beef stew made with Clark Farms meat, fresh herb foccacia bread; chanterelle mushroom risotto with apple-fennel slaw. Lunches: egg salad sandwiches, reheated frozen squash soup and risotto. Breakfast: London Maid crumpets soaked in egg – crumpet french toast! Bacon and corn chowder with fresh corn from Paul Gregory’s Clark Farm. I’m working on my apple crisp recipe – I haven’t settled on one I like, it’s still not crisp enough. … Continue reading