Food day

Alex had the day off and pitched in for the once-a-week cooking session. Here’s what we turned out: Soup: we reviewed the freezer vegetable holdings and decided to process last year’s broccoli into soup. I simmered the broccoli in vegetable stock, added potatoes, and added Indian spices – turmeric, cumin, and a masala, which toned down the color of the soup from bright green to earthy green-brown. It’s a hearty soup. Risotto: inspired by Nadia G’s Cooking Channel advertisement talking about mushroom risotto, I made one, using up the chanterelles. By sheer dumb luck it came out. What flavor! Alex made apple and fennel slaw to go with, just the right tangy crunchy counterpart to the rich creaminess. Egg salad: I hard-boiled a dozen eggs to make deviled eggs for a party, and then didn’t make the deviled eggs. We’ve been eating them for breakfast. The rest went into egg … Continue reading

This week in food

Chicken: baked a chicken – this time I coated with butter and rosemary and baked in a pan with 1/2 cup white wine. Dinners: baked chicken, roast potatoes and green beans. Chicken pot pie. Baked salmon served with roasted root vegetables – fingerling potatoes, parsnips and beets coated with olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Soups: we’re still eating the roast beef stew, white beans flavored with pork, summer squash soup, and corn potato soup I made and froze earlier this month. We eat these for lunch and for individual dinners. Preserving: Put up a dozen ears of corn while I was making the pot pie. Made another quart of chicken stock from the baked chicken carcass. Dried a pound of chanterelles I picked up at the Bremerton Farmer’s Market. Prepped food for a party: two banana blueberry loaves to serve with pear butter; boiled eggs for stuffed eggs; and tried … Continue reading

Food day

Once a week cooking – here’s what I turned out of the kitchen tonight: Brewed two pitchers of ice tea, one sweetened and one not Made 2 quarts of vegetable stock, mirrepoix mix – celery and carrot tops, onion skins Froze several pounds of carrots and some parsnips Made corn chowder, about eight servings Rosemary emmer focaccia bread Fried some beef from Clark Farms. A little of the beef went into dinner. I fried some onions with sweet peppers, chopped tomatoes with garlic and lemon to make a salsa, and layered these in corn tortillas. I deglazed the pan with red wine and poured over the rest of the meat to marinate overnight. Prepped an onion, some chanterelles, and garlic. Tomorrow I’ll use these and some stock to make a beef stew. Along with the soup this should keep us in lunches and ferry dinners for the week. Links: Clark … Continue reading

This Week in Food

I didn’t have as much time to spend in the kitchen this week as I was out of town two days on business. Spent one night in Irvine, California and hit Britta’s Cafe for dinner, where I had a free range chicken roasted in a wood oven, served with a savory rosemary bread. Soups: I tried Aarti Sequira’s red lentil soup, including making the bagaar, spices popped in hot oil and added to the lentils. Also made a white bean soup with pork, a recipe I plan to play with all winter. Consulted Crescent Dragonwagon’s cookbook for inspiration and turned up the idea of treating dough like focaccia bread, taking bread dough and flattening in a large Pyrex pan to serve flat; I tried the treatment on a rosemary spelt bread inspired by the loaf I had at Britta’s Cafe. Dinner: In the interests of time as well as flavor … Continue reading