I wrote off celery when I made the commitment to seasonal local eating, passing up the pale stringy stalks in the grocery store to make mirrepoix, the aromatic carrots-onions-celery base of many recipes, with just local carrots and onions. One September a Sequim farmer showed up to a farmer’s market with celery. I squealed gleefully, bought up his stock, and chopped and froze it for cooking all winter. The next September a Bainbridge farmer turned up with celery too. I said to myself, hey, you can grow that here? When tiny celery starts showed up at Valley Nursery the next spring I snapped them up. Since then I’ve dedicated half a bed in my garden to celery – in my shaded yard it turns out to be easy to grow, although it takes pretty much the whole growing season. Growing Celery This year I grew nasturtiums right next to the … Continue reading