MorMor celebrates inspirational chefs

A great dinner doesn’t just feed the body, it educates and inspires. That was especially true of MorMor Bistro’s wine dinner Thursday October 11. The “Culinary All-Stars” dinner presented four courses, each recreating a recipe from an influential teacher. Chef John Nesby recalled watching cooking shows at his grandmother’s house. Unlike today’s entertainment cooking contests, shows like Great Chefs demonstrated cooking in the real world – you can hear the sound of the hood, knives on the cutting board, the clatter of plates. “Kitchens are alive,” he said, and the best chef teachers bring you into the kitchen. Course one was inspired by traditionalist Jacques Pepin. Chef Nesby held up a copy of Pepin’s book La Technique and said, “Jacques writes this book as if he is training you.” Since technique is fundamental to making soup, the dinner’s first course was based on Pepin’s “WIld Mushroom Bisque”, made in this … Continue reading

Dinner at MorMor

I’ve just come back from a 30-day train trip around the country, including a week studying local food systems in Vermont. The night before we left, Alex, Ted and I went to dinner at MorMor. The night we came back we went to dinner at MorMor again. I wanted to compare how I felt about my home-county farm-to-table restaurant before and after experiencing the best food in the country. In the last year, including this trip, I’ve eaten at: Chez Panisse, Alice Waters’ grand experiment which kick-started the American farm-to-restaurant movement; Tilth, James Beard award winner Maria Hines’ Seattle restaurant certified by Oregon’s organic organization; Restaurant Nora, “Power Chef” Nora Pouillon’s showcase for organic food; AR Valentian, Jeff Jackson’s take on farm-to-table California cuisine. The winner is: MorMor, hands down. Take the dinner we had on Friday. We walked in and were seated immediately. On a normal weekend night with … Continue reading