April – May 2014: shopping list and menus

Here is what we bought and what we made from it in the first month of farmers market season. We started shopping at the Poulsbo Farmers Market and switched to Bremerton when it opened. What we bought Greens: salad bowl (lettuce growing in a planter), kale Vegetables: broccoli raab, green onions Roots: last year’s potatoes, new potatoes, carrots, parsnips Fruits: last year’s apples, new rhubarb Meat: Roast beef, steaks, pork roast. Flour: wheat, spelt, triticale. Crumpets from London Maid. Delivered to the door Milk, chicken Pantry Rice, pasta, oatmeal Homegrown Kale, cilantro, herbs, eggs What we made Breakfast: Oatmeal Eggs and crumpets Dinner: Roast, baker, salad Pork chops with rhubarb compote, mashed potatoes, salad Steamed rice, vegetables Baked chicken, mashed potatoes, salad Chicken biryani Beef stew with root vegetables, bread Chicken soup with root vegetables (uses up leftover mashed potatoes) Pantry meal: tuna and pasta Fried rice: uses up all … Continue reading

Farmers Market Season has begun!

It’s farmer’s market season again! Here are some of the things you could find at the Poulsbo Farmers Market last Saturday. Starts: dill, lettuce, kale, kohlrabi, squash, marigold, sunflowers, tomatoes. Fresh produce:kale, mixed lettuce greens, big juicy radishes. Overwintered potatoes and brand new leeks; overwintered apples and spring rhubarb. Protein:Eggs, chicken, lamb. Staples:Wheat flour, corn meal, dried beans. Handcrafted food: ice cream, pastry, salsa and tamales. Eggs scrambled while you wait and pizza baked on the spot. Beauty: cut flowers for the vase on the table! … Continue reading

Poulsbo Farmers Market

Saturday morning I headed out to the Poulsbo Farmers Market to restock my empty refrigerator. Almost all the other markets in the county had shut down while I was gone for a month (Bainbridge Island is still running). The Poulsbo Farmers Market this year will remain open in their outdoor location until December 17. Rain and the lateness of the season has chased away many artisans, though some are still out, selling products including knitted goods. Many of the 35 vendors who turned upon Saturday are local farmers, still harvesting the season’s produce. In past years the last day of the market has been a frustrating moment because the farms are still producing so much. This year, knowing the market is continuing through the fall, I did not go overboard stocking up on squash. I only bought three. Big ones; the little ones don’t count… In New York and Vermont … Continue reading

Poulsbo Harvest Dinner!

The annual dinner marking the harvest season for the Poulsbo Farmers Market falls on Sunday Aug. 28 this year. This is always a fabulous event – Chef John Nesby and everyone at MorMor Bistro throw a fantastic party, with splendid food, wine, and entertainment. The company includes farmers, community organizers, and just plain old folks who enjoy local food and are willing to turn out in support. It’s earlier this year than last so remember to get your tickets soon! Links: Poulsbo Farmers Market Harvest Dinner Kitsap Cuisine post about the dinner last year … Continue reading