Poulsbo Holiday Market

After the Poulsbo Farmer’s Market closes for the season in October, there is one more market to look forward to – the Holiday Market on the weekend before Thanskgiving. It feels like a reunion! The farmers, artisan food makers, and craftspeople I see every week in season return for one more market in the year. This year the Holiday Market fell on Saturday, November 20, and was held in the Armory on Jensen in Poulsbo. I had a lot of shopping to do. First, I needed to pick up all the Thanksgiving produce. I don’t own Thanksgiving, Ted’s mom does; as she’s become older we’ve picked up more of the cooking, until now she directs her troops from her wheelchair, but it’s still her recipes and her choices – except for vegetables, I’ve convinced her to let me bring those. So I picked up potatoes, golden apples, lettuce, and fresh … Continue reading

Poulsbo Farmers Market – last day

First thing I thought when I woke up was that it was raining for the last day of the regular season for the Poulsbo Farmer’s Market. Today I concentrated on produce to store in the pantry – squash, keeping apples, potatoes, and onions. I also found some green tomatoes to store, I’m very curious to see if they keep as well as I’ve heard. There was a flurry of arrangements going on between farmer and customer. I have my deposit down on half a pig from Clark Farms, which is in line to be butchered soon. Some farmers plan to keep farm stands open and took my email address. I lucked into an autumn CSA from Paul at Gregory Farm which will extend the produce season another month – woot! I wanted to buy my winter’s flour supply but Finn River stopped coming a couple of weeks ago. Michele said … Continue reading

Poulsbo Farmer’s Market Harvest Dinner

On Sunday Ted, Alex and I went to the Poulsbo Farmer’s Market Harvest Dinner, hosted by John and Carol Nesby at Mor Mor Bistro. This annual tradition highlights the delicious end of the summer season and raises funds to keep the market thriving. This year’s silent auction had twenty-three items – hard to choose! I bid on the cupcakes-and-dessert-cookbook package but rapidly gave it up, concentrating my interest on the Knit a Spell package, which included yarn from Hansville Creamery and Sunny Knoll Farm, and a certificate for a knitting lesson from RNR originals, all packed in a cute little bucket. I was so happy when I won! Ted engaged in the fierce competition for the Crimson Cove basket and won that as well, and I don’t know that the salmon could have gone to a happier home – Ted’s Christmas list starts out “smoked salmon” every year. The table … Continue reading

Poulsbo Farmer’s Market

I’m back from vacation this week – I toured California and Oregon, eating locally, and have many exciting things to write about. First, though, the report from today’s Poulsbo Farmer’s Market. Chef John Nesby of Mor Mor Bistro gave us a chef lecture on tomatoes. He helps to line up the chef demos throughout the season but told us he enjoys doing the tomato presentation himself. Chef Nesby’s teaching style is wryly funny and very accessible. As with any talk about tomatoes, his started with knives. Of course you have to slice tomatoes with a sharp knife, but he also showed us a purpose built tomato knife, available from the splendid Poulsbo store Kitchen Karousel. The knife demo included a quick chiffonade of basil and serrano ham. John minced garlic, added his trademark salt and pepper mix, and then smashed the garlic into a paste. That was a great skill … Continue reading