Master Gardener Foundation plant sale

At the Master Gardener foundation fundraising auction last year I was the winning bidder on a special prize: the right to shop half an hour early on the opening day of the annual plant sale. That day was yesterday. It was like being queen for a day. I showed up at the door and said cheerfully, “I’m the early shopper.” The master gardener who greeted me said politely, “I’m sorry, there’s no early shopping.” I said, “There is for one!” She lit up and said, “Oh! You’re the early shopper!” She took me on a private tour of the tables. I got to swan around and cherry-pick exactly what I wanted. I picked up a lovely little cyclamen and a maroon geranium I thought was the prettiest plant in the building. I didn’t abuse the privilege, I wasn’t greedy, and only took one of the two bleeding heart plants. I … Continue reading