Cock-a-leekie rice

A winter dinner variation of cock-a-leekie soup. This is a great meal to have the week you bake a chicken. Take the leftover meat and chop it, and make stock from the carcass. Prep: Leeks – chop three large leeks. Rice – make rice. Spices – in a small bowl mix 1 tsp. thyme, 1/8 tsp. tarragon, a sprig of fresh parsley or 1/2 tsp. dry, salt to taste. Fry: In a large pan (frying pan, wok, large pot) heat grapeseed or other high smoke point oil. Saute leeks for a few minutes. Add rice, chicken, and spices. Turn until the food is heated and the flavors meld. Make a well in the middle of the pan. Crack an egg into the well and mix into the rice. Take off stove – carryover heat will finish it. … Continue reading


Risotto is such a rich dish with such nice flavors that even if it doesn’t come out quite right it’s still edible. This has worked in my favor as I practiced making the dish. I’m finally happy with the way it is coming out. I used the mushrooms I picked up at the People’s Farmer’s Market, four different types – white, black, and brown whose names I don’t know, and chanterelle. This version is inspired by the basic recipe in Joy of Cooking. Prep Chop one small onion. Chop half a cup to a cup of mushrooms, whatever kind you can get. Grate 1/2 cup parmesan cheese. Warm up to 4 cups chicken stock in a pan on the stove. Cook Saute mushrooms in butter. In a dutch oven or large pot, saute onions in butter until they are translucent. Add 1 cup arborio rice and stir for a few … Continue reading