Veloute sauce

Last weekend I rooted through the small refrigerator freezer in the house where I keep the immediate supplies. I wanted to make some space, so I pulled out a bunch of things and put them in the refrigerator to defrost, including a container of pork stock and a pork loin. The loin wasn’t part of Tom Clark’s pig, it was a natural meat loin I had picked up at Central Market on sale. Last night I decided to have it for dinner. I roasted it as usual: salt both sides of the loin, put on a small rack in a roasting pan, roast at 300′ for 90 minutes or so until it reaches 160′. I was afraid the freezing and roasting would leave me with a dry roast. Also I was inspired to make something a little fancier than just slices of roast. I flipped through Joy of Cooking’s sauce … Continue reading


This year I am once again helping Ted’s mom put her Thanksgiving meal on the table. Partly for practice and partly to do it my own way, I’m making various Thanksgiving dishes in the run-up to the day. This week I made a turkey. I had one of the Diestel Family Turkey Ranch Heidi’s Hens in the freezer, an Oregon Tilth certified free range bird. It spent four days thawing in the refrigerator, half a day submerged in cold water, then a couple of hours in the oven coated with salt and butter. This resulted in a crispy brown bird. It was a little dry, I think because I pulled it out at 170 and the carry over cooking carried it farther than I wanted. Still, it was awfully good. I’ve learned to treat turkey as basically a big chicken, it has more or less the same percentage of fat, … Continue reading