This week in food

Root vegetable mash: I tried a mixed mash with celeriac and parsnips. The Colinwood Farm guy sold me golden turnips to go with those but at the last minute I chickened out and used potatoes instead. The celeriac gave the mash a nice tartness, the parsnips made it very sweet. I followed Alice Waters’ advice and boiled all three vegetables separately, but that was a lot of time and effort. I think in the future I’ll do them all together, the times for each to get soft were close enough. Fennel apple slaw: I like the sweet crunch of these together. With a little mayonnaise and red wine vinegar this salad is tart enough to stand up to a rich meal. French onion soup: my first attempt at the soup I loved so much at Mor Mor’s Beaujolais Nouveau dinner. I sauteed the onions for about an hour before adding … Continue reading

Food day

Monday night I spent three hours in the kitchen. On Mondays I’m alone in the house, so I can turn up the music, bang away at the pots, sing, and generally have a good time. I finally got to a couple of tasks hanging around, in the case of the herbs literally. I pulled the herb bundles down from the wall and put each in a labeled plastic bag. Coriander went into its own tin. One plant made enough seeds to fill the tin and go into a plastic bag. I’ll plant a few of the seeds and see if I can get one more cilantro crop in for the winter. Herbs put by: fennel leaf, fennel seed, savory (a favorite soup herb), pineapple sage, tarragon, and coriander. I also cleaned out the vegetable crisper. I found some baby white and red onions and a bundle of green onions. I … Continue reading