This is my microwave. One morning when I turned it on it made a zzzing noise and shut off in about ten seconds. Ted took it off to see if he could fix it. Meantime I looked around for where to recycle it. The Kitsap County Public Works web site said: “Small appliances such as microwaves, garbage disposals, etc. may be disposed of as garbage.” I was very surprised and very upset. This thing cost who knows how much to make (I haven’t found a web site yet that tracks the real expenses), and after six years of use it turns into garbage? You’re kidding me. Alex and I gave ourselves a challenge to live without a microwave. If we found it indispensible we would bring one back into the kitchen. Green web sites tell me the microwave is reasonably cost effective as a cooking device. Well, I don’t use … Continue reading

Zero waste

In May this year the Kitsap County commissioners included food waste in the yard waste pickup. Last month Alex and I found out about this and immediately ordered a yard waste container from Waste Management. Some items we compost ourselves – vegetable scraps, coffee grounds, and egg shells. Other items can only be composted in high temperature operations, like weeds, dairy and meat; now we can give those to WM to take to a commercial compost operation. Hot diggity dog! We were so happy. We immediately repurposed our kitchen garbage can from landfill bound items to yard waste. Now we put out both the recycle can and the yard waste can every other week and haven’t yet put out the landfill can. There are still things we can’t recycle: plastic containers and bags, light bulbs, broken glass, but the volume of these is pretty small. We have a good collection … Continue reading