I spent a few minutes today tracing my watershed. Water falling on my roof empties into a little drainage which originates in Blueberry Meadows marsh. I’ve traced a line of greenery along that little tributary on Google Maps. I can’t be sure where it goes, but we’re close enough to Clear Creek that I bet it connects up there. Clear Creek cuts through the Petersen farm; where it leaves farmland and enters commercial Silverdale it is cared for by the very active Clear Creek Trail group which restored the greenbelt along the creek, installed extensive walking trails, and monitors the salmon population. Clear Creek and Chico Creek are the two major tributaries to Dyes Inlet. When I drive along Central Valley Road toward Poulsbo I leave Dyes Inlet and enter the Liberty Bay watershed. A few miles from my house and over a hill I leave the Dyes Inlet watershed … Continue reading

Daily drinks

Alex and I used to buy a lot of water bottles. When we decided to change that habit we installed a water filter on the faucet. I keep a water pitcher in the refigerator, and when it gets low, I refill it. I’m worried about the ecological impact of the filter – it has a disposable part and we use about two of those a year, but I’m still using it for now to filter out the chlorinated taste. Our water comes from North Perry water district, it’s local ground water, and I check the testing stats once in a while. I tried a lot of re-usable water bottles before I settled on my current favorite, a plastic bottle with a pop-up lid. I keep that in the refrigerator too and grab it just before I hit the road. Next we switched from drinking sodas and fruit juices to drinking … Continue reading